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SunSirs: Price of Staple Fiber in China's Textile Market Rose Month-on-Month, Price of Pure Polyester Parn was Basically Stable
May 13 2021 10:07:01SunSirs(Linda)

Spot market: In the near future, the quotations of pure polyester yarn market are basically stable, with some steadily increasing. The 32S pure polyester yarn in Shandong area reported 14266.67 yuan/ton. The polyester yarn is generally acceptable. The large factories in Fujian and Jiangxi performed slightly better. Factory orders are general, and prices are mainly stable. The mainstream T32 transactions in Fujian and Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets are at 11,900-12,100 yuan/ton, and in Hebei, they are at 11,200-11,400 yuan/ton. Recently, the supply of imitation Dahua yarn has been smooth, and the supply of 32S and 38S is tight. Some textile enterprises have been scheduled for a single month or so, and exports have also increased.

Upstream polyester staple fiber: In the near future, the price of polyester staple fiber market has returned to the sidelines, and the overall purchase willingness is weak, mainly due to rigid demand. In terms of price, Jiangsu and Zhejiang semi-gloss 1.4D mainstream is around 7000-7100 yuan/ton, Fujian semi-gloss 1.4D mainstream is around 7050-7150, and Shandong and Hebei mainstream is around 7000-7100.

In terms of downstream demand: the price of grey fabrics in this period dropped slightly from the previous month. Recently, marketing has fallen from a month-on-month basis, and orders from grey fabric manufacturers have declined month-on-month, and the price of grey fabrics has dropped slightly. Among them, the market for blended fiber grey cloths continued to shrink, and the price index showed a slight downward trend. The spot transactions and order shipments of chemical fiber grey cloths continued to shrink, and the price index showed a slight downward trend. Recently, the sales of apparel fabrics in the fabric market of China Textile City continued to shrink, and the sales in the mass fabric market declined month-on-month, and the price and volume fell slightly. Spot sales of spring apparel fabrics dropped significantly, orders for summer fabrics partially declined, and prices fell slightly.

Recommendation: Polyester mainly follows the fluctuation of raw materials and has no active upward momentum. In mid-to-late May, some factories were overhauled, but the production capacity was small and the impact on the market was limited. Polyester staple fiber remained weak and stable in the short term. The polyester yarn market quotations are chaotic, but the overall transaction center of gravity fluctuates little, and the processing fee is mostly maintained at around 5,000 yuan/ton. The terminal demand is limited, and subsequent transactions may slow down. The overall market is expected to show a trend of volatility and slight decline. As the clothing retail sales in the United States and Japan decreased year-on-year, and the EU clothing retail sales fell year-on-year, it is difficult for the terminal demand for textiles to increase substantially in the short term. Due to the high price of raw materials this year and the poor reception of new orders from downstream, the downstream demand will be partially insufficient, the market trend is flat, and the enthusiasm for fabric subscription will decline; and due to the partial reduction of orders by some traders and weaving manufacturers, the market outlook The supply of spring fabrics has dropped significantly, spot transactions and order shipments have shrunk from the previous month, and some batch orders for summer fabrics have dropped slightly. The operating rate of weaving companies is partially insufficient, and the production and sales of printing and dyeing companies are relatively limited. It is expected that the enthusiasm of mass product subscription will drop slightly from the previous month, and the overall market transaction will show a trend of volatility and a small drop.

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