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SunSirs: The Domestic Market of Phenol and Ketone Was Firm on October 30
October 31 2019 10:45:27SunSirs(John)

Product Name: Phenol

East China Market (October 29): 7,600 RMB/ton

Analysis review

The domestic phenol market rose slightly on October 30, and the center of gravity was firm. The traders' offer was positive, but the atmosphere in the market was flat. The holders were overpriced and the sentiment was obvious. The downstream terminal was cautious in buying, the supplier shipped in general, and the trading volume was not much. It is expected that the domestic phenol market will continue to rise in price, and the reference of the East China phenol market is 7600-7650 RMB/ton.


Product Name: acetone

East China Market (October 29): 4350 RMB/ton

Analysis review

The domestic acetone market is running steadily, and traders are in a good mood. At present, the market fundamentals remain stable, and the offer remains high, while the purchasing power of terminal enterprises is general, and small orders are traded. It is estimated that the negotiation range of East China market today is 4350-4400 RMB/ton; the negotiation range of markets around Yanshan is 4450-4500 RMB/ton; the mainstream negotiation range of South China market is 4550-4600 RMB/ton. Today, the acetone market as a whole is stable and consolidated.



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