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Overall Market is Positive, Peanuts are Gaining Momentum
March 02 2021 08:51:47Ruida Futures(Linda)

Disk trend: PK110 opened at 10898 and closed at 11128, an increase of 3.29%. The trading volume was 71,843 hands, and the open interest was 21,879, +2519; the monthly spread of PK110-201 was 468, +128.

News: 1. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2020, producer prices of agricultural products will increase by 15.0%. 2. According to the data of the world granary, as of the 26th, the operation rate of peanut crushing plants (50 oil plants in the country as a sample) was 7.26%, an increase of 6.63% from last week.

Market price: Yanzhou, Shandong: peanut kernels with 43% oil and 9% moisture, the price is 9,500. Shijiazhuang, Hebei: Peanut kernels with 43% oil and 9% moisture, the price is 9500. (Unit: Yuan/Ton)

Warehouse receipt: 0 lot of warehouse receipt.

Main positions: the top 20 peanuts are long 11675, +1398, short 12081, +718, net position -406. (Unit: hand).

View summary: peanut oil plants are gradually recovering and operating rates are slowly rising. At the same time, there are not many farmers' surplus grains in the spot market, and farmers and traders are reluctant to sell and are willing to raise the price. This has a certain role in promoting the rise of peanut spot prices. However, the peanut consumption is in the off-season from March to June after the year, and the supply and marketing are weak. Taking into account the rise in international bulk commodities and the general rise in grain and oil prices, the price of peanuts will maintain an upward trend in general and fluctuate upward. Technically, the PK2110 contract has a strong upward trend, the OI is consistent with the price trend, and the MACD red kinetic energy column is on the rise. It is recommended to do more on dips. Operationally, it is recommended to open more than 11000 in the PK2110 contract, and refer to the stop loss point of 10800.

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