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Market Purchases and Sales resume, Chinese Peanuts Fluctuate More
February 25 2021 08:26:20Ruida Futures(Linda)

Disk trend: PK110 opened at 10750 and closed at 10710, down 1.16%. The trading volume was 42202 hands and the open interest was 20897, -767; the monthly spread of PK110-201 was 262, +48.

News: According to Tianxia Granary, the operating rate of 50 processing plants nationwide was 0.63% in the week as of February 19, compared with 3.31% in the previous week.

Market price: Yanzhou, Shandong: peanut kernels with 43% oil and 9% moisture, the price is 9,500. Shijiazhuang, Hebei: Peanut kernels with 43% oil and 9% moisture, the price is 9500. (Unit: Yuan/Ton)

Warehouse receipt: 0 lot of warehouse receipt.

Main positions: the top 20 peanuts are long 10912, +249, short 14104, -1004, net position -3192. (Unit: hand)

View summary: After the holiday, market purchases and sales resume one after another, squeezing profit is considerable, after the holiday processing enterprises are gradually resuming operation, and there is not much grass-roots surplus, there is a feeling of reluctance to sell, it is expected that the short-term trend of peanut prices will show a strong trend, just because the market attention is declining. Both open interest and trading volume have dropped significantly compared with the initial stage of listing, and the trend momentum has weakened, so it may be accompanied by frequent adjustments and shocks during the operation. Technically, the PK110 contract failed to successfully stand above the 10800 mark in the past two trading days, indicating that there is a certain pressure on this mark, but the overall trend remains upward, and the market outlook will hit again. It is recommended that the peanut 2110 contract be long near 10500 and stop loss at 10400 yuan/ton.

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