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SunSirs: After the Holiday, the PA Market Is Bullish
February 18 2021 13:31:33SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the price trend of the domestic PA market was temporarily stable in mid-February. As of the 14th, the price of PA was 5,950 RMB/ton. The price trend of PA has remained stable recently, the spot supply on the market is normal, and the market price of PA is strong.

Analysis review

Recently, the market price of PA has been stable, the market sales of PA are normal, the downstream demand is normal in the near future, the price of OX is stable, the plasticizer market is improving, and the price of PA is deadlocked. Domestic PA manufacturers have maintained a low level of operation. The on-site PA operating rate is about 60%. The domestic PA spot supply is slightly tight. The on-site PA price is firm. The downstream plasticizer industry is slightly higher. The actual transaction is not significantly positive. PA price trend is temporarily stable, and high-end transactions on the market are limited. The price of of PA produced by OX method in East China is 6,200-6,400 RMB/ton, the price of PA produced by naphthalene method is 5,700-5,900 RMB/ton; The mainstream price of the PA market in North China is 5,800-6,000 RMB/ton. The PA market still has a wait-and-see mentality. The downstream purchases have improved compared with before. The downstream DOP prices rose before the holiday, which gave certain favorable support to the PA market. The trend is temporarily stable.

Recently, the domestic price of OX has mainly increased, and the on-site price has remained at the level of 5,000 RMB/ton. The rising domestic price of OX is a good support for the PA market. In addition, the import market of OX in port areas has increased. The external quotation is higher, and the actual transaction price is subject to negotiation. The actual order is discussed in detail. In addition, the on-site OX merchants have a strong wait-and-see sentiment. The price of OX has risen. The rise in the price of raw material OX is good for the domestic market price of PA. There is room for price increases.

In February, the DOP market price continues to rise. According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the domestic DOP price was 10,050 RMB/ton as of the 14th. The price of isooctanol on the market rebound and the price of DOP raw materials remain stable. The equipment of DOP enterprises is temporarily stable, and the price of PVC fluctuates to rebound, downstream customer demand rebound from low levels. The upward momentum of the plasticizer market increases and the downward pressure is weak. The transaction price is subject to real-time prices. The overall DOP price is around 10,000-10,700 RMB/ton. The upward momentum of the DOP market in the future will increase and the downward pressure will be weaker. Domestic PA may rise slightly due to the support of downstream prices.

Market outlook

On the whole, the recent rise in crude oil prices, coupled with the improvement in the downstream plasticizer industry, has supported the PA market. It is expected that the PA market may see a slight increase after the holiday.

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