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The Number of Buyers in the Producing Area Decreased, Zhengzhou Chinese Dates Fell Slightly
January 20 2021 08:37:51Ruida Futures(Linda)

Disk situation: CJ2105 reported 10390 at the highest, 10250 at the lowest, and closed at 10255, -0.97% from the previous trading day; volume 19777; positions 25993, -3445.

News: According to The main trend of the production area has not changed much, the receiving merchants in the production area have decreased, and some processing plants have their own channels for delivery. However, due to the quality of the source for sale, the specifications are different, and the selling prices are both high and low. The price of goods is the main thing; Cangzhou market is affected by the epidemic, and the speed of goods delivery is not very fast. Other markets are bought and sold. Merchants take the goods to purchase on demand. The source of the goods and the quality are different. The selling price is different, and the price is based on quality.

Spot market: Cangzhou, Hebei: first-grade gray date 8900, +0; Zhengzhou, Henan: first-grade gray date 9000, +0; Xinjiang Aksu: first-grade gray date 9800, +0. (Unit: Yuan/Ton)

Inventory of warehouse receipts: 706 red date futures warehouse receipts of the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, +0 compared with the previous trading day, and 292 effective forecasts.

Position analysis: At present, the top 20 long positions of the ZCE red date futures contract are 19317, -1357; the top 20 short positions are 20245, -2797, and the net short position is 928 lots. (Unit: hand)

Summary: The price of red dates in various parts of the country has remained stable. According to the survey of 25 companies in Shandong and Hebei by Tianxia Granary, as of January 15th, the national stock of red dates was 9610 tons, a weekly increase of 3.67%. Among them, the accumulation of red dates in Henan, Hebei and Xinjiang continued, while Shandong stocks declined mainly . The overall national inventory is small, and the pressure on the jujube market is limited. At present, there are many red dates for sale in the main sales areas, and the quality is uneven, and the general quality red dates are sold together. Distributors of better-quality red dates have firm asking prices, and date farmers have a strong reluctance to sell. With the addition of national cooling, the demand for nourishing products may stabilize. However, recently, the number of buyers in the production area has decreased significantly, and most of them are mainly delivered through their own channels. Operationally, the CJ2105 contract is recommended for short-term trading in the range of 10100-10400 yuan/ton.

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