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Slaughter is Smooth, Pig Prices Consolidate Slightly
January 20 2021 08:33:29Ruida Futures(Linda)

Disk situation: LH2109 closed at 25,025, -1.17% from the previous trading day; trading volume was 8,816 hands; open positions were 17,800 hands, -735 hands.

News: 1. As of the second week of 2021 (January 7-January 13), according to the Cofeed survey, the slaughter volume of the main monitoring slaughter companies nationwide was 1,789384, an increase of 103618 from the 1702622 last week. Is 5.10%. The operating rate of slaughter companies this week was 21.40%, an increase of 1.03 percentage points from 20.37% last week.

Spot market: Henan Zhumadian price, 35600 yuan/ton, +0; Henan Nanyang price, 35200 yuan/ton, -400; Jiangsu area price 36400 yuan/ton; Hubei area price, 36000-36600 yuan/ton.

Warehouse receipt inventory: 0 lots of pig warehouse receipts, 0 lots.
Main positions: the top 20 live pigs in the 2109 contract are long 8502, -456, short 14213, -331. (Unit: hand)

Summary: With the gradual recovery of live pig production capacity, the tight supply situation continues to improve. In addition, the central government has continuously put in reserves of frozen pork to guide pig prices down. In addition, pork prices continue to be high, terminal acceptance is limited, and the breeding end has a loose willingness to raise prices, and the overall slaughter is relatively smooth. The slaughter companies are willing to sell high-priced pork and slow-moving prices. Therefore, the price of pigs is slightly adjusted. The shortage of big pig supply in the market continues to boost the price of pigs. On the disk, the low trend of live pigs is more repetitive. The current contract is a far-month contract, which mainly reflects the supply pressure of live pigs. Therefore, the overall trend is still weak. Wait and see.

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