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SunSirs: China SBR Price Rose on January 18
January 19 2021 10:31:33SunSirs(Selena)

Commodity name: SBR1502

Latest price (January 18): 12,333.33 RMB/ ton

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the price of domestic SBR1502 was 12,333.33 RMB/ ton on January 18, up 3.21% from the previous day. Although the price of butadiene dropped to 6,523 RMB/ ton, the price of styrene was also at a low level of 6,700 RMB/ ton, and the overall cost support was weak; on the one hand, the price of natural rubber was still at a high level; on the other hand, the rubber plant of Yangzi Petrochemical Company stopped unexpectedly last week, and the supply side was facing a tight situation. The prices of petrochemical plants rose continuously. Last Friday (January 15), the price of SBR rose 800 RMB/ ton. The market rose with the price rising. According to SunSirs, as of January 18, the ex-factory price of butylbenzene of PetroChina northeast Jihua was 12,400 RMB/ ton.

Market forecast: in the short term, the supply side is relatively tight, but the raw materials are low, and the operating rate of downstream tires is not high. It is expected that the price rise of SBR will gradually slow down in the later period.


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