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SunSirs: Support is Superimposed on Tight Supply, Price of Chinese Spandex has Increased by More than 36% year-on-year
January 18 2021 08:37:18SunSirs(Linda)

According to SunSirs price monitoring, the domestic market price of spandex continued to fluctuate in January. As of January 15, the average ex-factory price of 40D spandex was 43,500 yuan/ton, an increase of 5.07% from the beginning of the month and a year-on-year increase of 36.36%. Industry starts to maintain near 90%, and manufacturers’ inventories are low. Due to cost support and tight supply, factory prices continue to rise, and actual transactions need to be discussed in detail. However, the enthusiasm of the terminal market to get the goods is average, and the market watching atmosphere is strong.

The raw material PTMEG market continues to be very pricey. At present, the mainstream price of 1800 molecular weight sources is 19,500-20,500 yuan/ton, and the actual order is 19,000-19500 yuan/ton. The industry started construction at around 7.7%, maintaining stable operation. Specifically, during the shutdown of the 40,000-ton plant in Yizheng Dalian, the load of the 46,000-ton plant in Sichuan Tianhua dropped slightly, and the load of the 46,000-ton plant in Chongqing Chiyuan Chemical dropped slightly by about 70%. The decline of the pure MDI market has slowed down, and the supply of imported barrels is tight, and most of the holders hold steady offers. The current market refers to 20,800-21,500 yuan/ton wire transfer barrels. Some barrels are tight, and actual negotiations shall prevail. Wanhua Chemical's listing price of pure MDI barrels in January 2021 will be 24,000 yuan/ton, which is a reduction of 4,000 yuan/ton from December 2020. The settlement price in December 2020 is 23,500 yuan/ton, which is lowered by 4,000 yuan/ton from the previous month.

The downstream end market purchases on demand. The overall market maintains a cautious wait-and-see attitude. It is heard that there will be a gradual holiday from mid to late to the end of the month. Although the local government is also encouraging to stay there for the New Year, the overall willingness of most workers to return home is relatively strong. Everyone is cautious about the market in the first half of next year, and some manufacturers have handed over some export orders in the early stage, and the pace of production and sales is acceptable. At present, the circular knitting field starts at 5.5% and is running low, and the warp knitting field starts at around 6.8%.

SunSirs analysts believe that the cost-side support is not reduced, the spandex market supply is not yet abundant, some batch numbers are still tight, and the inventory remains low, so the price remains high. However, downstream manufacturers are cautious. At the same time, as the Spring Festival approaches, demand may gradually decrease. Therefore, in the short term, the market price of spandex will remain volatile and warm.

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