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SunSirs: TDI Market Was Stalemate This Week (December 21-27)
December 30 2020 10:59:36SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to data from SunSirs’ bulk list, the TDI market price remained stable this week. The average market price in East China at the weekend was 12,666.67 RMB/ton, a decrease of 0.78% compared with last weekend's price of 12,766.67 RMB/ton, and an increase of 10.47% from last year.

Analysis review  

During the week, the domestic TDI market was stalemate and wait-and-see, the atmosphere in the market was empty, the market was weak at the beginning of the week, the industry was cautious, and the intention to sell at low prices was not high. The offer was maintained within the range, and downstream on-demand purchases were the main focus, the demand was weak, and the buying intention was weak. In terms of polyether, the focus of the market was upward, and downstream sponge factories were under greater pressure. Most of the businesses focused on on-demand purchases. The buying enthusiasm had not improved, and the purchase of TDI was limited. As of the 27th, TDI domestic products in the East China market were quoted at 12,200-12,500 RMB/ton, and Shanghai cargo offers at 12,500-13,000 RMB/ton.

The price trend of toluene this week rose first and then fell, and the overall price fell. As of the 27th, the domestic average price was around 3,770 RMB/ton. Crude oil fell during the week due to bearish losses, which led to the weakening of the external market of toluene. The domestic toluene market followed the decline. The domestic toluene market is expected to operate weakly in the later period.

Market outlook

According to the analysis of the data engineer of SunSirs: the current domestic TDI market is weak and deadlocked, the atmosphere is cold, the downstream demand is off-season, the transaction is quiet, and the TDI market is stalemate in the later stage. Pay attention to downstream market news.

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