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SunSirs: China Antimony Commodity Index 59.16 Points
November 25 2020 10:45:29SunSirs(Linda)

On November 24, the BPI of the Commodity Price Index was 854 points, which was the same as on November 23. It was 16.19% lower than the highest point in the cycle of 1019 points (2012-04-10) and 660 points from the lowest point on February 3, 2016. An increase of 29.39%. (Note: The period refers to 2011-12-01 till now).

SunSirs data monitors the BPI index curve of the commodity price index as follows:

On November 24, the antimony commodity index was 59.16, which was the same as on November 23. It was 42.18% lower than the cycle high of 102.32 points (2012-10-16), and it was 25.93 higher than the lowest point of 46.98 points on December 24, 2015. %. (Note: Period refers to 2012-09-08 to present).

Fundamentally, in late New York trading, the US dollar index rose 0.28% to 92.5197; offshore renminbi fell 0.47% to the US dollar, USDCNH reported 6.5823; IMF Chairman Georgieva said that new strategies and tools may also produce new As a side effect, additional monetary stimulus measures may pose a major risk to financial stability; the Federal Reserve Bank of New York: The Open Market Operations Group plans to conduct 4 small-scale institutional mortgage-backed securities swap operations on December 1 and 3. The operating face value is US$5 million, totaling US$20 million; the Chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced that: If many asset management companies do not sign new agreements to smoothly transition from the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) to an alternative interest rate , They will face the risk of being rejected outside the interest rate swap market in the early 2021. Crude oil prices: As of 3 a.m. Beijing time on November 25th, spot Brent closed at $46.775 per barrel, up $1.835 from the previous trading day, or 4.08%. As of 3 a.m. on November 25, Beijing time) WTI closed at $44.91 per barrel, up $1.85 from the previous trading day, or 4.3%. Affected by this, LME London Metal rose across the board, LME copper rose 1.4%, LME aluminum rose 0.9%, LME zinc rose 0.66%, LME nickel rose 1.15%, LME tin rose 0.3%, and LME lead rose 0.9%; domestic night trading futures market Shanghai copper rose 0.9%, Shanghai aluminum rose 0.9%, Shanghai zinc fell 0.07%, Shanghai lead fell 0.23%, Shanghai nickel rose 1.2%, Shanghai tin rose 0.1%, thread fell 0.7%, and stainless steel fell 0.1% .

The antimony market has been operating stably after the recent rise, and the market has gradually digested the previous rise. The market supply and demand are relatively balanced. Under the current situation without obvious factors, the price has remained stable temporarily.

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