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SunSirs: Upstream Price is High, China PA66's Rising Trend is Narrowed
November 25 2020 09:42:05SunSirs(Selena)

According to the data from SunSirs, China domestic PA66 market continued to maintain a positive trend in mid November, and various models of products increased significantly. As of November 20, the average offer price of PA66 medium viscosity injection molding class sample enterprises was about 29,500 RMB/ ton, which was 30.24% higher than the average price level at the beginning of the month.

On the upstream side of PA66, the data from SunSirs showed that the domestic adipic acid market rose slightly last week, by 2.46%, with a significant slowdown. And most of the dealers' quotations maintain a stable trend, East China, South China and other regions gradually stop rising. According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the current quotation range of adipic acid is 8,200-8,500 yuan / ton.

Currently, the upstream adipic acid price is still high and firm, and has strong support for the cost of PA66. Last week, the price rise of PA66 continued. At present, some manufacturers still have some parking and maintenance devices. Half of the devices in Huayang and Xingjia in Liaoyang, Jiangsu Province are shut down. The operating rate of PA66 in China is not high, and the market is still in short supply. Due to the long-term continuous shortage of goods, the social inventory is generally low, and the general suppliers give priority to the core old customers, so the actual situation of stock shortage is even worse. In addition, the price increase letters issued by BASF, DuPont and Randy are still in the boosting effect, and the transaction focus of PA66 market is continuously rising. The replenishment operation of downstream factories is passively followed up, mainly on rigid demand.

SunSirs analysts believe: PA66 in mid November domestic market trend is strong. The price of upstream products is strong, which is good for PA66, while the pressure of production cost is also gradually increasing. The downstream customers are against the high price goods, so the purchasing department should follow up on demand. Last week, the increase of PA66 gradually narrowed. At present, terminal demand shows signs of recovery. It is expected that China PA66 market will continue to be stronger in the short term. It is suggested that we should pay close attention to the influence of environmental protection policies on plasticizing production in the near future.


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