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SunSirs: The Price of CPL Has Risen by More Than 5% in Ten Days (October 13-23)
October 27 2020 08:34:55SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to data from SunSirs’ bulk list, the domestic CPL price has recently increased. The average ex-factory price of CPL was 9,233 RMB/ton on October 13 and the average ex-factory price was 9,733 RMB/ton on October 23. The price increased by 5.42% within ten days.

Analysis review   

Recently, the supply of CPL has decreased and the price of CPL has risen. As of October 23, the price of Shandong Luxi Chemical's CPL liquid was 9,400 RMB/ton, with cash leaving the factory, and the manufacturer’s production capacity was 300,000 tons/year. Actual transactions could be discussed. The price of CPL liquid in Nanjing Dongfang was 10,100 RMB/ton, the 400,000 tons/year plant was operating normally, and the CPL plant was operating normally. The price of Sinopec CPL liquid was 9,900 RMB/ton. Baling Hengyi's CPL liquid price was 9,900 RMB/ton, and the 450,000 tons/year plant started up normally and is delivered by acceptance. Baling Petrochemical’s CPL liquid price was 9,900 RMB/ton, and the 300,000 tons/year plant started up normally and was delivered by acceptance.

The domestic market of raw material pure benzene was mainly driven by styrene, and the market trading atmosphere increased. The rising price of pure benzene stimulated the enthusiasm of downstream purchases to rise, and market transactions were active.

Market outlook

The CPL analyst of SunSirs believes that the recent CPL inventory has fallen and the supply has decreased. The raw material pure benzene rises, the downstream demand for CPL increases, and the upstream and downstream support is strong. The CPL market is expected to maintain a strong trend or continue to rise in the short term.

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