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SunSirs: China's Metal Silicon (441#) Prices Rose Slightly on September 24
September 25 2020 08:06:16SunSirs(Linda)

441# Silicon Price Trend

The price of silicon metal (441#) rose slightly on September 24. According to data from SunSirs, the average market price of domestic silicon metal (441#) on September 24 was RMB 11,558.33/ton, which was an increase of 3.12% from the average market price of RMB 11,208.33/ton at the beginning of the month (9.1); compared with the valley value of the year (7.1) The average market price was RMB 10,491.67/ton, an increase of 10.17%; the average market price at the beginning of the year (1.1) was RMB 11,833.33/ton, a decrease of 2.32%.

The prices of 441# silicon in various regions on the 24th are as follows:

The price range of #441 metal silicon in Fujian area is 10,900-11,000 yuan/ton, the price range of #441 metal silicon in Sichuan area is 11,300-11,400 yuan/ton, the price range of #441 metal silicon in Kunming area is 11,400-11,500 yuan/ton, Shanghai area# The price range of 441 silicon metal is 12,100-12,300 yuan/ton, the price range of Tianjin Port #441 metal is 11,600-11,700 yuan/ton, and the price range of Huangpu Port #441 metal silicon is 11,600-11,800 yuan/ton.

Export orders rebounded in September, with a slight increase in volume. At present, mainstream silicon factories are optimistic and willing to rise in price. On the one hand, the price of silicon has moved up slightly, the market is expected to improve, and the holdings have increased their reluctance to sell; on the other hand, the export price of silicon metal is affected by the exchange rate, and the renminbi price has risen.

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