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SunSirs: The Market stops Falling, China PVC Market begins to Rise
September 18 2020 09:24:54SunSirs(Selena)

According to the data monitored by SunSirs (the average ex-factory price of calcium carbide method SG5), on September 16, the mainstream average price of PVC in China was 6,587.5 RMB/ ton, up 0.11%, 0.34%, 2.37% and 1.46% respectively.

Market Analysis

On Wednesday, the market stopped falling and rose slightly, and the PVC market price rose again. Now it has entered the traditional peak season, but the demand has not reached the expectation. Last week, the PVC market showed a trend of rising first and then falling, and the weak market continued to the beginning of this week. On September 16, the spot market of PVC rose steadily. In the peak season, the price of PVC was blocked, and the manufacturer's quotation was slightly loose, but the overall situation remained stable. On the whole, the current demand is not up to expectations, the market trend is ups and downs, but the contradiction between supply and demand is not big, and is gradually improving, China PVC market inflection point can still be expected.

In terms of spot goods, domestic PVC5 type tourmaline's mainstream quotation range is around 6,300-6,700 RMB/ ton. At present, the mainstream of PVC5 type calcium carbide in East China is 6,550-6,600 RMB/ ton, and that in Hebei is 6,450-6,550 RMB/ ton. The price in Inner Mongolia is 6,230-6,330 RMB/ ton, 6,550-6,650 RMB/ ton in Hangzhou, and 6,560-6,650 RMB/ ton in Changzhou, The main price of PVC ordinary calcium carbide in Guangzhou is 6,650-6,750 RMB/ ton, slightly adjusted. The price consolidation in various places is the main factor, with little fluctuation.

In terms of futures, the volatility was strong. The opening price of V2101 contract on Wednesday was 6,565, the highest price was 6,605, the lowest price was 6,540, and the closing price was 6,585, up 30%, or 0.46%. The turnover was 126,000, with a decrease of 3,000. The position was 190,000 hands, reduced by 4034 hands.

Upstream crude oil, on September 15, the US WTI crude oil futures market price rose, and the settlement price of the main contract was $38.28/ barrel, up $1.02. Brent crude oil futures market prices rose, with the settlement price of main contracts at $40.53/ barrel, up $0.92. Under the support of cost, the external market of ethylene increased slightly. In addition, PVC market rose slightly recently, downstream customers are generally enthusiastic about calcium carbide purchasing, and calcium carbide supply is normal.

Market Forecast

SunSirs PVC analysts believe that current decline in PVC futures, the supply of imported goods to supplement the market, the accumulation of social stocks, as well as the demand did not meet the expectations of many negative constraints, PVC peak season rise hindered. However, the cost side support is fair. As the enterprises enter the autumn overhaul and the PVC export gradually improves, the PVC market is not easy to fall deeply, and it is still dominated by fluctuation and upward trend. China PVC future market still needs to pay attention to the demand follow-up and futures trend.


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