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SunSirs: The Sulfur Market Was Weak and Stable in July
August 06 2020 08:16:36SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, the average ex-factory price of sulfur in East China on July 31 was 636.67 RMB/ton, compared with the average ex-factory price of 653.33 RMB/ton at the beginning of the month, a decrease of 2.55% during the month and a decrease of 25.97% year-on-year.

Analysis review

The sulfur market as a whole performed weakly in July, and the price trend at the end of the month rose slightly. The performance of the domestic sulfur market was tepid. The downstream factories and traders were less motivated to enter the market for purchasing, insufficient follow-up purchases, limited demand, high inventory at the port, slow consumption, and lack of substantive information guidance on internal and external markets. The stalemate between buyers and sellers was mainly to wait and see. As of the 31st, the quotation of solid sulfur in East China was 630-700 RMB/ton, and the quotation of liquid sulfur was 560-680 RMB/ton; the quotation of solid sulfur in North China was 550-650 RMB/ton, and the quotation of liquid sulfur was 500-560 RMB/ton; the price of solid sulfur in Shandong was 640 RMB/ton, and the price of liquid sulfur was 640-640 RMB/ton.

The downstream sulfuric acid market was operating steadily, with limited market fluctuations and no significant price adjustments. At present, some sulphuric acid manufacturers in Shandong are under-operating, their inventories are small and demand is good. It is expected that the sulphuric acid market may have an upward trend in the later period. The price of the downstream phosphate fertilizer market is firm, the market is optimistic, and companies have sufficient pending orders. Driven by domestic and export demand, the market still has room for upside.

Market outlook

Sulfur analysts of SunSirs believe that the current sulfur market is mainly stable for the time being, with high port inventory, low and stable downstream sulfuric acid operations, and lack of good support for sulfur demand. However, the downstream phosphate fertilizer market is performing well, and the domestic autumn market will also come in the later period, which may drive the increase in sulfur demand. It is expected that the sulfur market will be sorted out in the later period, and the specific trend of the market will be watched.

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