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SunSirs: CPL Prices Fell under Short-term Pressure (July 27-31)
July 31 2020 15:46:57SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to data from SunSirs’ bulk list, domestic CPL prices fell this week. The average ex-factory price of CPL was 9,666 RMB/ton on July 27, and the average ex-factory price on July 31 was 9,566 RMB/ton, a drop of 1.03%.

Analysis review

As of this weekend, Shandong Luxi Chemical's CPL liquid price is 9,000 RMB/ton, with cash leaving the factory, and the manufacturer’s production capacity is 300,000 tons. The actual transaction can be discussed. Nanjing Oriental CPL liquid price is 10,000 RMB/ton, 400,000 tons/year plant is in normal operation, and CPL plant is operating normally. Baling Hengyi's CPL liquid price is 9,800 RMB/ton, and the 450,000 tons/year plant starts up normally and is delivered by acceptance. Baling Petrochemical’s CPL liquid price is 9,800 RMB/ton, and the 300,000 tosn/year plant starts up normally and is delivered by acceptance.

The price of raw benzene rose this week. The average listing price on weekends is 3,150 RMB/ton, a slight increase from the beginning of the week. The mainstream price of pure benzene in Shandong is about 3,150 RMB/ton, and the mainstream price in East China is about 3,450 RMB/ton. Downstream PA6 chip prices have fallen, terminal demand is weak, the market is deserted, and the market continues to be bearish.

Market outlook

The CPL analyst of SunSirs believes that although the price of raw materials has risen, the cost support is strong. However, the downstream demand is weak, and the overall pressure is still there. It is expected that the CPL market will run smoothly in the short term.

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