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SunSirs: The Titanium Dioxide Market Remained Stable on July 29
July 30 2020 15:02:06SunSirs(John)

Product name: Titanium Dioxide

Thr latest price (July 29): 15,733 RMB/ton

Analysis review

On July 29, the domestic titanium dioxide market remained stable and the market price was firm. The domestic ex-factory price of rutile titanium dioxide with tax is 12,000-14,500 RMB/ton, the ex-factory price of anatase titanium dioxide with tax is 10,300-11,800 RMB/ton, and the price of chlorinated titanium dioxide is 15,500-20,000 RMB/ton. At present, the price of raw materials is tight and high, and the pressure on the cost of titanium dioxide is increasing. All manufacturers have different degrees of tension on the spot, and the quotations of holders are firm.

Market outlook

The Titanium Dioxide Analyst of SunSirs believes that the market price of titanium dioxide enterprises will remain stable, supplemented by a small increase, and the actual transaction price is a single negotiation.

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