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SunSirs: Raw Materials and Low Start-up Stimulated the Price of Acetic Anhydride Soaring
July 14 2020 14:36:06SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the price of acetic anhydride rose sharply in July. The market of acetic anhydride rebounded and rose since the end of June. In July, the price of acetic anhydride continued to rise in the earlier period, and the price of acetic anhydride rose again and again. As of July 13, the average price quoted by acetic anhydride enterprises was 6,037.50 RMB/ton, up 13.92% compared with 5,300.00 RMB/ton in late June, 9.77% higher than 5,500.00 RMB/ton in early July, and 17.61% higher than that in the same period last year.

Analysis review

As can be seen from the acetic acid price chart, the price of acetic acid rose sharply in July. Since the end of June, many acetic acid enterprises have ceased production for maintenance, the supply of acetic acid market is tight, and the price of acetic acid continues to rise. The price of acetic anhydride raw materials has risen, the cost of acetic anhydride has risen, and the momentum for acetic anhydride has increased.

From the methanol price chart, it can be seen that methanol prices fluctuated in July, methanol manufacturers stopped production and maintenance, and methanol futures prices rose, which was good for the methanol spot market, the methanol price increased momentum, acetic anhydride costs rose, and acetic anhydride prices were favorable.

Wanglong Group's acetic anhydride equipment started to operate at a low level in late June, sales decreased, acetic anhydride prices stopped falling and rebounded, acetic anhydride prices rose. Last week, Yankuang's vinegar anhydride equipment unexpectedly stopped and acetic anhydride prices skyrocketed.

Market outlook

Overall, the price of acetic acid rose sharply in July, the price of methanol fluctuated and the cost of acetic anhydride raw materials rose, which is good for acetic anhydride. Since late June, the low equipment operation rate of acetic anhydride enterprises and the accidental shutdown of Yankuang have led to the price of acetic anhydride skyrocketed. In the future market, due to the concentration of production capacity of acetic anhydride enterprises, the equipment operation of acetic anhydride enterprises directly affects the price trend of acetic anhydride. With the restoration of Yankuang vinegar anhydride equipment, the supply of acetic anhydride is relatively stable, and the upward momentum of acetic anhydride decreases; the price of raw materials remains high, the cost of acetic anhydride is high, and there is no downward pressure on acetic anhydride. The market outlook for acetic anhydride still has an upward momentum. It is expected that the price of acetic anhydride will rise slightly.

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