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SunSirs: Demand is poor, and the price of the phenol market is weak.
May 14 2020 10:39:06SunSirs(Molly)

Market trend:

This week, the phenol market has been affected by poor downstream demand and stopped rising and falling. The current East China market reference offer is 6,600 yuan / ton, the market atmosphere is light, and the holders open daily early, but the demand is still poor. In the atmosphere of buying up and not down, adding the previous phenol market The high-price phenol conflict is obvious, the terminal participation enthusiasm is slowed down, and the trading is not good. According to the monitoring of the business community, the current listed prices of petrochemical manufacturers remain stable at 6900-7000 yuan / ton. However, offers in major markets were lower. The offer in the East China region was 6600-6650 yuan / ton, the southern China region was 6850 yuan / ton, and the Shandong region and the surrounding areas of Yanshan were relatively stable at 7000 yuan / ton. The market has fallen by 150-350 yuan / ton this week.

Analysis and comment: The raw material pure benzene market is weakly organized. Affected by the current pressure of spot pick-up in the port, the pure benzene market has a weak center of gravity, and the market reference offer is 3100-3600 yuan / ton. At present, the port has concentrated on the port in the second half of the year, and the pressure of pure benzene in the port has increased. The industry is short-term on the market outlook in the short term. On May 13th, Sinopec Group Qilu Petrochemical in North China offered 3100 yuan / ton, Yangzi Petrochemical in East China offered 3150 yuan / ton, Hainan Refinery in South China offered 3150 yuan / ton, Sinopec Petrochemical offered 3600 yuan / ton, Jingbo Petrochemical offers 3600 yuan / ton, Dongming Petrochemical offers 3500 yuan / ton, HSBC Petrochemical offers 3150 yuan / ton, Jincheng Petrochemical offers 3500 yuan / ton. Another important raw material propylene market, the current market gains are obvious, the mainstream transactions are mostly 6600 yuan / ton, the downstream propylene market has a high plant operating rate, the demand for propylene is steadily increasing, the propylene shipment is smooth, and the current propylene inventory is still in Low, short-term propylene maintained a steady upward trend.

The downstream market started to weaken. At present, the bisphenol A market has ended its upward trend and gradually stabilized. The current bisphenol A market in East China is 9700 yuan / ton, the bisphenol A market in North China is 9700 yuan / ton, and bisphenol A in southern China The market offer was 10,000 yuan / ton. Due to the low purchasing sentiment of the downstream resin factories, the overall trading sentiment in the market was weak, and the offer of the cargo holders was loose, but there was limited room for profit. The current trading sentiment was not good, and there were few transactions.

In the external market, the increase was more than the decrease. CFR China's phenol market price rose by US $ 82 / ton to US $ 696 / ton, CFR Southeast Asia and CFR India phenol prices rose by US $ 33 / ton to US $ 673 / ton and US $ 667 / ton this week. Phenol prices in Northwest Europe increased by 36 euros / ton to 732 euros / ton. The trading atmosphere on the floor was dull. The premium of phenol and pure benzene in Northwest Europe was 450 euros / ton. US phenol prices rose by US $ 45 / ton to US $ 395 / ton FOB. The overall market fundamentals did not change much, and demand performance lags behind.

Future forecast: Although the current supply pressure on the phenol market is not large, it is still difficult to withstand the sluggish demand market. The pressure of the holders is increasing, the shipment is not smooth, and the opening is lower. However, excessive supply under the support of the supply side does not exist. Merchants exist at the same time, and there is insufficient follow-up in current market transactions, with few transactions. The phenol market in East China may have further downside risks, and the market has fallen further. It is expected that the offer in East China will break through at 6,500 yuan / ton.

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