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SunSirs: Views on The Rise and Fall of Urea on April 29
April 30 2020 13:41:09SunSirs(John)

Product name: urea


Latest price (April 29): 1,681.67 RMB/ton


On April 29, the factory quotation of urea in Shandong fell slightly, down 20.00 RMB/ton or 1.18% compared with that on April 27. Demand side: The agricultural demand in the north is basically over. In terms of industrial demand, compound fertilizer plants consume more upfront inventory and take a small amount of goods. The demand for rubber sheet factories is weak and recovery is slow. On the supply side: Recently, the resumption rate of enterprises and enterprises has gradually recovered, and manufacturers' inventory pressure has risen.

Recently, the ex-factory price of urea in Shandong fall slightly: the average price of manufacturers quoted is around 1,670-1,690 RMB/ton.


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