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SunSirs: Potassium Nitrate Market Fell in April
April 29 2020 13:41:14SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to the data monitored by Sunsirs, the domestic industrial grade first-grade potassium nitrate price was 4,362.50 RMB/ton on April 1, and the domestic industrial grade first-grade potassium nitrate price was 4,325.00 RMB/ton on April 28, a decrease of 0.86%, and current prices have fallen by 1.98% year-on-year.


Analysis review   

In April, domestic potassium nitrate fell slightly, the production of upstream raw material domestic potassium chloride was normal, the supply of goods in the port bonded area continued to increase, and the international price fell. The overall trend of potassium chloride market may be mainly low consolidation. The potassium nitrate Market is not well supported. Generally speaking, the trading atmosphere of the potassium carbonate market is tepid, the activity is low, the demand side is weak, the actual turnover of the market is insufficient, and the downstream procurement maintains rigid demand. At the same time, the plant operation rate of the manufacturer is low, the overall inventory is low, and the purchasing market momentum is general, and the domestic potassium carbonate market is falling. This week domestic mainstream manufacturers of potassium nitrate offered 4,200-4,500 RMB/ton.


Market outlook

The analyst of the potassium nitrate from SunSirs believes that the price of the domestic potassium fertilizer market has continued to decline recently, but the range is not large. It is expected that the market situation of potassium nitrate in the short term will be consolidated at a low level.


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