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SunSirs: Propylene Oxide Market Rose This Week (April 20-26)
April 28 2020 13:32:47SunSirs(John)

Price trend

On April 26, the propylene oxide commodity index was 48.96, up 0.62 points from the former day, down 51.61% from 101.18 (2011-10-26), the highest point in the cycle, and up 17.41% from 41.70, the lowest point on January 25, 2016. (Note: cycle refers to 2011-09-01 to now)


Analysis review   

Product: According to the data of SunSirs’ list, the propylene oxide market has risen this week. As of the 26th, the average price of propylene oxide enterprises was ,7866.67 RMB/ton, which was 2.16% higher than that at the beginning of the week and 1.72% higher than that on April 1. On the 26th, the cash price of Wanhua Chemical's Shandong mainstream market was 7,900 RMB/ton. On the 26th, the mainstream quotation of propylene oxide market in East China was around 7,950-8,050 RMB/ton, and that of Shandong province was around 7,750-7,950 RMB/ton.

Industrial chain: On April 26, the market price of propylene in Shandong Province stabilized. Last month, the price of propylene in Shandong Province fell in shock. At the end of the month, it fell sharply again, with a monthly decline of more than 15%. On the 1st, the price continued to fall by 100 ~ 200 RMB/ton, and on the 2nd, there was still a downside of about 50 RMB/ton. On the 3rd, the prices of some companies rose by 50 ~ 100 RMB/ton. uring the post-Qingming period, the price of propylene increased steadily. On the 7th, the price rose daily by about 100 RMB/ton, and on the 10th, it increased by 200-300 RMB/ton. And on Saturday 11th, there was a general increase of more than 1,000 RMB/ton, and on Sunday 12th, it continued to skyrocket by 1,000 ~ 5,000 RMB/ton. The market may need to be digested after the double-day surge on Monday, and the price remained unchanged on the 13th. On the 14th, the prices of most companies dropped significantly by 1,000 RMB/ton, and some of the skyrocketing companies may have reverted to their pre-inflation prices. On the 15th, the prices dropped by 500-1000 RMB/ton. On the 16th, the price continued to fall by about 200 RMB/ton, and on the 17th, the price still fell by about 400 RMB/ton. On the 18th, it made up for the fall again. On the 19th, it was stable. On the 20th, the price slightly increased by about 50 RMB/ton. On the 21st, the price remained stable. On the 22nd, the price began to drop slightly. On the 25th and 26th, stability was maintained. The current market turnover is between 5,800 and 5,950 RMB/ton, and the mainstream price is around 5,800 RMB/ton. On the 26th, the market price of the downstream soft foam polyether in Shandong region, with a narrow range rise following the raw material propylene oxide. Supported by the cost surface, the focus of negotiations moved upward, and the market trading atmosphere rebounded slightly.


Market outlook

According to the propylene oxide analysts of SunSirs, the overall operating rate of propylene oxide is relatively low at present, supported by the cost side, and the downstream stock up before saving has increased. It is expected that in the short term, the market of propylene oxide will be stable and rising, and more attention should be paid to the change of raw material price and the impact of demand.


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