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SunSirs: Demand for Mask Ear Straps is Hot due to COVID19, Chinese Spandex Prices are Rising over 3%
April 16 2020 08:22:11SunSirs(Linda)

According to SunSirs price monitoring, the recent Chinese spandex market price bottomed out and has risen by more than 3% in the past 7 days. Among them, the average price of the 40D specification as of April 15 was 32,600 yuan / ton, a weekly increase of 3.49% and a decrease of 10.28% year-on-year . The demand in various fields of the terminal has been followed up cautiously, and the supply of conventional varieties has been stable. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang, 20D spandex mainstream negotiation reference was 36,000-38,000 yuan / ton; 30D spandex mainstream negotiation reference was 34,000-35,000 yuan / ton; 40D spandex mainstream negotiation reference was 28,000-29,000 yuan / ton.

At present, the spandex market still has a high degree of interest in coarse denier yarns. The mask demand is strong, and the demand for earbands is still hot. Manufacturers have better coarse denier shipments and high prices. Since the Qingming Festival holiday, 70D / 140D is hard to find, and the price has risen from 30,000 yuan / ton to 32,000-35,000 yuan / ton. There are also a few manufacturers that have not closed the market and are temporarily not accepting orders. Up to now, the mainstream price reference of 70D / 140D market is 38,000-43,000 yuan / ton, the higher price is also possible, and the market price is relatively chaotic. At present, most manufacturers switch to production, and their production capacity is improved. Some manufacturers still do not accept new orders, hand over pre-orders, and book orders to May.

Chinese PTMEG manufacturers' main changes

The raw material PTMEG market is running weakly, factories have a certain shipping pressure, and the actual order negotiation is weak. The mainstream price of 1800 molecular weight sources is 15,000-15,500 yuan / ton, and the actual order negotiation is 14,200-15,000 yuan / ton. Pure MDI continues to be low and weak, with the main need for downstream purchases and limited volume trading. The offer price in South China is 13,500-14,000 yuan / ton wire barrel, and the price in North China is 13,500-14,000 yuan / ton wire barrel.

Downstream enterprises in the Xiaoshan and Shaoxing of Zhejiang maintained a low start, and the circular knitting machine and yarn wrapping market started at 30-50%; Zhangjiagang in Jiangsu had insufficient market orders, and the operation level remained at 50-60%. The overall demand in the terminal field was weak. However, the demand for mask ear straps is good, and the supply is in short supply. The new mask machines at the terminal increase the demand for spandex 70D / 140D. Among them, buyers mainly order small orders, and some dealers take large quantities of goods. Therefore, spandex manufacturers often switch to 140D, production capacity increased.

In general, except for the tight supply of coarse denier, the supply of spandex is basically stable. The demand in the downstream terminal field is weak, and the demand for maske ear straps is good. SunSirs analysts believe that with the weakening of the attention of coarse deniers and the enthusiasm of the market hype, the price will gradually return to rationality.

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