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SunSirs: Textile Terminal Demand Declines, Spandex Price Rebound will be Limited
April 10 2020 09:26:54SunSirs(Linda)

According to SunSirs price monitoring, the domestic spandex market showed a slight rebound this week. Among them, the average price of the 40D specification as of April 9 was 31,900 yuan / ton, a weekly increase of 1.27% and a year-on-year decrease of 11.63%.

Statistics of mainstream price of spandex market in recent 7 days

Domestic spandex manufacturers have risen steadily, with sufficient supply. Due to the demand for terminal mask earbands, the supply of coarse denier models is tight, and the price has risen sharply. This has led to the rise of other specifications such as 40D, the quotation has increased 1,000 yuan / ton. However, other actual demand has not been followed up with sufficient caution. The atmosphere of the market is relatively strong, and the actual transaction volume is discussed in detail. Among them, the reference for 20D spandex mainstream negotiation in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is 36,000-37,000 yuan / ton; the reference for 30D spandex mainstream negotiation is 34,000-35,000 yuan / ton; the reference for 40D spandex mainstream negotiation is 28,000-29,000 yuan / ton, and the actual transaction is discussed in detail.

Domestic PTMEG manufacturers' production and sales

The raw material PTMEG market is running weakly, the buying atmosphere of real orders is light, the supply pressure of suppliers is increasing, and the narrow range allows for negotiations. The current mainstream quotation of 1,800 molecular weight sources is 15,000-15,500 yuan / ton, and the actual order is 1,4200-15,000 yuan / ton.  Pure MDI is running weakly, buying atomosphere is weak, trading is general, supplier shipment pressure continues, and low shipments continue to be negotiated. The price in South China is 138,00-14,500 yuan / ton wire barrel, the price is 13,800-14,500 yuan / ton wire barrel.

Spandex downstream factories around the country are cautious about the follow-up of raw materials and demand, and have a strong view of the market outlook. The actual transaction is discussed in detail. Construction in the Xiaoshan and Shaoxing of ​​Zhejiang remained low, and the circular machine and yarn wrapping market started at 30-50%; the market orders in Zhangjiagang area were not followed up, and the operation level remained at 50-60%; the construction in the Fujian area was cautious, and the lace remained at 30-40%, warp knitting is about 60%; companies in Guangdong start construction with caution, and circular machine market starts at 40-50%.

Generally speaking, the price trend at the cost end is stable, which is good for supporting performance. The downstream end market mask earband materials have driven some specifications to rise, but overall, the usage in masks is not large, the use of spandex models is 40D / 140D and above, and other textile fields are not in good mood to accept orders, the actual demand unsatisfactory, all parties are cautious to watch the market just need to purchase mainly. SunSirs analysts believe that due to the decline in textile terminal demand, it is expected that the spandex industry as a whole will be under pressure, and the rebound space will be limited.

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