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SunSirs: Brief Description of Ethylene Oxide in March
April 01 2020 13:31:31SunSirs(John)

Price trend

There were two price adjustments for ethylene oxide in March, of which the price in East China was reduced from 7,600 RMB/ton at the beginning of the month to 5,800 RMB/ton, in South China from 7,800 RMB/ton to 5,900 RMB/ton, and in Northeast, Central, and North China from 7,800 RMB / ton was adjusted to RMB 5,800 / ton.


Analysis review   

Industrial chain: In March, ethylene oxide Market moved greatly, ethylene price fell continuously, ethylene glycol affected by crude oil, and the market kept bottoming out. The situation of the downstream infrastructure industry's resumption progress has not been fully opened, and the terminal export was not smooth, resulting in the weak basic support of ethylene oxide. Rumors of market price reduction were rampant. It fell on the 24th of this month and dropped again on the 31st of this day. The market was full of bearish atmosphere. According to the current ethylene price calculation, the profit of ethylene oxide still exists. However, due to the wide range of public health events, there are many negative factors in the industry as a whole and lack of upward momentum.


Market outlook

It is expected that the market will remain stable in the later period, but it is still necessary to pay close attention to the price changes of upstream and downstream products and the latest news guidance of the factory.


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