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SunSirs: BDO Factories Have Strong Intention to Raise Prices
September 19 2019 15:48:12SunSirs(John)

1.  the price trend

The domestic BDO factory has a strong price intention. According to the sample data monitored by SunSirs, as of September 18, the average price of domestic BDO market was 9520 RMB/ton, rising by 1.71% month-on-month and falling by 15.38% year-on-year.

  1. Analysis review

Product: The domestic BDO market is running smoothly. Cost pressures still exist, and the factory has a strong price intention. However, the main downstream is still dominated by long-term contract, Spot downstream inquiry enthusiasm slightly improved, still mainly in need of purchasing, the atmosphere of stock preparation before National Day holidays has not yet emerged.  Some middlemen wait and see the market after the price adjustment of the factory, but do not offer for the time being. Real transactions focus on stability.

On the market side, the BDO market in East China has been reorganized and operated, the reference quotation for bulk water supply is 8600-9000 RMB/ton, the barreled part of the market is 9600-10000 RMB/ton, the atmosphere of on-site delivery is light, the traders are cautious, the downstream is just in need of inquiries, more implementation of long-term, some small orders are more active. South China BDO market reorganization operation, bulk water quotation reference 8600-9000 RMB/ton, market barrel part of small orders 9600-10000 RMB/ton, on-site delivery atmosphere is light, traders offer steady and cautious shipments, the downstream just need to consult. The disk is mainly based on long-term implementation, and some small orders are more active.

Industry chain:

Methanol: The market of methanol has risen. The guiding price in Inner Mongolia has risen by 100-130 RMB/ton to 1800 RMB/ton this week. The local olefins are expected to be restarted. The supply is relatively scarce and the trading atmosphere is good. The mainstream price in Guanzhong area today is around 1950-1980 RMB/ton. The main enterprises such as Changqing and Xianyang have all stopped selling. Mainstream enterprises in Gansu Province are priced at 1880 RMB/ton cash ex-factory, and Huating will resume the plan at the end of September. Affected by the rise in futures and the surrounding areas, the market price of short-term methanol market still has room for exploration.

Calcium carbide: The calcium carbide market is basically stable, with only small fluctuations. Due to the power shortage in Inner Mongolia, the unstable installation in Shaanxi, the market supply is insufficient, and the road transportation during the Mid-Autumn Festival is blocked. The procurement in Shandong, Hebei and Tianjin is positive, and the purchase price is raised to attract the supply of goods. At present, the market wait-and-see attitude is aggravated, and the short-term domestic calcium carbide market price is stable.

  1. Market outlook

The factory started to work stably, the inventory pressure is general, and the price is very good. However, the weak downstream demand is still the most important factor restricting the price increase of BDO. The industry's mentality is calm and waiting for more news. SunSirs BDO analysts expect domestic BDO market will be consolidating in short-term and focusing on downstream stocking.

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