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SunSirs: The Price of Domestic Phenol and Ketone Continued to Rise on September 17
September 19 2019 15:46:42SunSirs(John)

Product Name: Phenol

The latest price (East China market /September 17): 8750 RMB/ton

The domestic phenol market continues to rise. Crude oil surged to drive pure benzene up, raw materials went up, cost side support, and supply in the northern market remained tight, supply side mentality was strong, continued high-reporting operations, many mainstream traders have scarce supply, market afternoon shipments increase, downstream Participation in buying is just needed and trading is limited. As of September 17, East China offered 8750-8800 RMB/ton, Shandong maintained 8800-8850 RMB/ton, the whole Shandong market has less supply; Yanshan around 8850-8900 RMB/ton; Henan and South China offer more than 9000 RMB/ton; SunSirs expect the domestic phenol Market to be strong, and East China phenol market price reference is around 8800 RMB/ton.

Product Name: Acetone

The latest price (East China market /September 17): 4950 RMB/ton

The domestic acetone market continued its upward trend. The surge in crude oil drove the raw material market to rise, the industry mentality was good, the downstream enquiry increased, the acceptance of high prices was better, and the traders continued to push the offer. As of yesterday's closing, the main negotiation area of East China market was 4950-5000 RMB/ton; the negotiation area of Yanshan peripheral market was 4700 RMB/ton; and the main negotiation area of South China market was 5000-5050 RMB/ton. SunSirs expect the domestic acetone market to be strong, and the main negotiation range in East China market is expected to be 5000-5050 RMB/ton.

Relevant listed companies: PetroChina (601857), Sinopec (600028)

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