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SunSirs: Demand Picks Up and Acetic Anhydride Prices Rise
March 18 2020 11:16:48SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to the monitoring of SunSirs data, the price of acetic anhydride has picked up recently. As of March 17, the average quotation price of acetic anhydride enterprises was 4,862.50 RMB/ton, which was an increase of 212.50 RMB/ton, or 4.57%, from the lowest price of 4650.00 RMB/ton in March; a decrease of 22.75% compared with the same period last year. Recently, the demand for acetic anhydride has risen, the market has picked up, and the price of acetic anhydride has risen.


Analysis review   

Product: In March, acetic anhydride enterprises started normal operations, and logistics and transportation gradually resumed; downstream companies' purchasing enthusiasm rose, order transactions increased, and acetic anhydride prices rose. The ex-factory price in North China was around 4,700-4,900 RMB/ton, and the actual transaction price was 4,600-4,700 RMB/tons or so. Acetic anhydride manufacturers have inventory sales, demand for acetic anhydride rises, the overall acetic anhydride market is favorable, and the driving force for acetic anhydride increase.

Industrial chain: Recently, the price of acetic acid has stabilized. As the acetic acid equipment of Jiangsu Thorpe and Yankuang began to be repaired, the supply of acetic acid decreased, the price of acetic acid rose, and the cost of acetic anhydride increased, which was positive for the market outlook of acetic anhydride.


Market outlook

Analysts of acetic anhydride data of SunSirs believe that with the outbreak of global health events, the demand for medicines has risen, and acetic anhydride has been used as a raw material, and demand has picked up. However, due to the recent increase in maintenance of acetic acid companies, the price of acetic acid has risen, the cost of acetic anhydride has risen, and the price of acetic anhydride has risen. Taken together, the market outlook for acetic anhydride has picked up, and the price of acetic anhydride has risen.


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