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SunSirs: Building Material, Wastepaper Price Raised by 2.66%
February 20 2020 09:31:48SunSirs(Selena)

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs: as of February 18, the price of wastepaper has been raised. The average purchase price of waste yellow paper class A market is 2,204.49 RMB/ ton, up 2.66% compared with that a week ago (February 10). At present (February 17), the average ex-factory price of corrugated base paper is 3,343.33 RMB/ ton, basically the same as a week ago.

At the beginning of last week, the wastepaper market was in short supply, with less arrival, low starting rate of production lines of paper enterprises, less number of downstream returned paper packaging plants, low market demand, and limited transportation, resulting in slow overall market delivery and investment. At the end of last week, there was a slight increase in the resumption of paper enterprises in the yellow boardpaper market, because the overall resumption rate of the packaging station was still low, the market recovery was limited, and the price mainly maintained stable operation. On February 17, large paper enterprises in Guangdong market and other markets, including Jiulong, Shanying and Liwen, led the increase in the purchase price of wastepaper by about 50 RMB/ ton. On February 18, most of the paper enterprises followed closely, increasing the purchase price of wastepaper by about 50 RMB/ ton. At present, according to data monitoring, the reference average purchase price of wastepaper market was increased by 35 RMB/ ton compared with a week ago.

The overall trend of corrugated basepaper market is stable, and some paper enterprises have production lines, However, most of the paper enterprises have not yet resumed production. Recently, with the recovery of transportation and logistics, a small number of downstream enterprises have resumed work, and some of them have received a small number of orders. On February 17, a small number of corrugated paper manufacturers issued an urgent letter of price increase after the price of wastepaper and other raw materials was increased. Most of the enterprises mostly maintain the quotation before the festival. At present, the overall market is still weak and stable.

SunSirs paper analysts believe that this week's domestic wastepaper yellow board market is expected to continue to recover, market prices are expected to rise mainly in stability. corrugated paper market is expected to maintain stable operation this week. If the price of raw materials continues to rise, the price of corrugated paper may generally rise.


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