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SunSirs: China PMMA Market is mainly Stable (September 12-19)
September 21 2023 10:11:30SunSirs(Selena)

According to the analysis system of the commodity market of SunSirs, as of September 19th, the average price of PMMA, a general transparent and high-quality product in China, was 14,625.00 RMB/ton. Last week, PMMA prices remained stable and maintained the previous trend, with no significant price fluctuations. Downstream procurement was mainly in demand.

Last week, the domestic general transparent grade premium product PMMA operated smoothly, while prices remained stable compared to the same period last week. The procurement atmosphere was cold and the downstream demand was average. Currently, the quotation range of mainstream manufacturers remains around 14,600 RMB/ton. The operating rate is stable, and the overall market supply and demand is balanced. The factory is offering profits and orders, and the downstream just needs to purchase. The enterprise quotation is Shanghai Hongqi Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. 14,500 RMB/ton.Rubber and Plastic Index: On September 18th, the rubber and plastic index stood at 712 points, unchanged from yesterday, a decrease of 32.83% from the cycle's highest point of 1,060 points (2012-03-14), and an increase of 34.85% from the lowest point of 528 points on April 6, 2020. (Note: The cycle refers to the period from December 1st, 2011 to the present).

SunSirs PMMA analysts believe that PMMA will mainly maintain stable operation in the short term.


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