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SunSirs: Chinese Non-ferrous Metals Ex-factory Quotations on February 6
February 06 2020 13:20:35SunSirs(Linda)

All the reference ex-factory quotations below are temporarily stable.

Metal neodymium's ex-factory is 365,000-370,000RMB/ton, with an average of 367,500RMB/ton;

Metal yrrrium's ex-factory is 230,000-240,000RMB/ton, with an average of 235,000RMB/ton;

Yrrrium oxide's ex-factory is 19,500-20,500RMB/ton, with an average of 20,0,000RMB/ton;

Holmium oxide's ex-factory is 305,000-31,5000RMB/ton, with an average of 310,000RMB/ton;

Praseodymium neodymium oxide's ex-factory is 277,000-281,000RMB/ton, with an average of 279,000RMB/ton;

Metal Praseodymium neodymium's ex-factory is 355,000-361,000RMB/ton, with an average of 358,000RMB/ton;

Dysprosium ferroalloy's ex-factory is 1,670,000-1,700,000RMB/ton, with an average of 1,685,000RMB/ton;

Metal dysprosium's ex-factory is 2,100,000-2,150,000RMB/ton, with an average of 2,125,000RMB/ton;

Metal praseodymium's ex-factory is 625,000-665,000RMB/ton, with an average of 645,000RMB/ton;

Dysprosium oxide's ex-factory is 1,680,000-1,720,000RMB/ton, with an average of 1,700,000RMB/ton.

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