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SunSirs: Energy, MTBE Market Price Fell slightly last Week (January 6-11)
January 13 2020 18:22:35SunSirs(Selena)

1  Price Trend

According to the data of SunSirs, the price of MTBE at the end of last week was 5,466 RMB/ ton, down 1.5% from the previous week's price.

2  Market Analysis

Products: both the international crude oil price and the gasoline market price have declined, MTBE manufacturers have increased the task of warehouse arrangement before the festival, and the MTBE market price has declined slightly.

Industry chain: last week, international crude oil continued to fall. At present, it is estimated that the price adjustment of domestic refined oil on January 14 will be increased by 60 RMB/ ton, but the price adjustment of refined oil is more likely to be stranded, and the market of refined oil will fall slightly. Domestic MTBE prices fell slightly by 1.5% last week.

MTBE Market: on January 8, Trump's speech on the US Iran issue eased the international situation, accelerated the downward collapse of oil prices, while the domestic gasoline demand did not substantially improve, MTBE demand was insufficient, and the price of MTBE manufacturers began to decline near the weekend under the difficulty of shipping. Alkylated oil was also discharged before the festival, so as to make profits go down.

3  Market Forecast

According to MTBE product analyst of energy branch of SunSirs, the bullish mood of gasoline market is not high at present. Although the demand for gasoline market may be improved during the Spring Festival holiday, and MTBE manufacturers are mainly in the inventory before the festival, so they are not willing to hold the price. MTBE market price is expected to remain stable next week.


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