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SunSirs: Polyester FDY is More Likely to Weaken like Market Trading Atmosphere
December 27 2019 10:19:19SunSirs(Linda)

According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, the domestic polyester FDY Market in December showed a slight upward trend. At present, the polyester POY (150D/48F) of mainstream factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is 6,900-7,350RMB/ton, the polyester FDY (150D/96F) is 7,350-7,600RMB/ton, and the polyester DTY (150D/48F) is 8,650-8,950RMB/ton.

Average market price of polyester FDY in December (Unit: RMB/ton)


Dec 1

Dec 26


Year on year

Polyester POY (150D/48F)





Polyester FDY (150D/96F)





Polyester DTY(150D/48F low elasticity)





In December, the spot market price of raw material PTA rebounded slightly. As of December 26, it was 4,904RMB/ton, up 1.85% from the beginning of the month, down 22.28% year on year. The PTA market was driven by the continuous rise of international oil price and warmer cost side and macro sentiment. At present, the starting load of PTA is maintained around 93%. Yisheng Petrochemical announced the maintenance plan of PTA plant in the first quarter, and the 1.2-million-ton PTA plant of Sinopec was put into operation on December 25 and scheduled to be discharged on January 1.

Changes in domestic mainstream PTA plants in December


Device Capacity

Device’s Recent Change

Hailun Petrochemicals


Overhaul in December 20



In a short shutdown on November 1, 80% load now

Yisheng Dahua


Planned maintenance from the end of December to the middle of January

Ningbo Yisheng


Planned maintenance from the end of January to the middle of February

Hainan Yisheng


Planned maintenance from the end of February to the middle of March

Jialong Petrochemical


In shutdown and overhaul (Aug 2); Restart to be determined

Hanbang Petrochemical


Overhaul from December 10 to 18

Zhongtai Petrochemical


Feeding on December 25, planned to be released on January 1

Near the end of the year, the downstream textile enterprises gradually start the finishing work, and the demand follow-up is slightly cautious. Although there are some shipments, the overall situation is relatively weak. In addition, the trend of logistics and transportation gradually leaves, the order follow-up situation has decreased. At present, the comprehensive starting rate of Jiangsu and Zhejiang looms has been reduced to 67%, and the follow-up of market orders is insufficient. In addition, the overall situation of this year's textile industry is not good, and the enterprise's capital chain is very tight, especially near the end of the year. Most enterprises are reducing prices to inventory in order to collect funds.

In terms of exports, according to the latest statistics of the General Administration of Customs of China, in November 2019, China's textile and clothing exports reached 22.069 billion US dollars, down 3.50% month on month, down 4.28% year on year. Among them, the export value of textiles (including textile yarn, fabrics and products) was US $9.953.4 billion, down 3.49% year on year; the export value of clothing (including clothing and accessories) was US $12.115 billion, down 4.91% year on year.

An analyst from SunSIRS believes that the raw material market has formed a certain support for the price of polyester filament, but the market transaction enthusiasm has been reduced, the trading atmosphere is general, and the production and sales data of each factory is slightly light. Near the end of the year, textile enterprises produce according to orders and purchase carefully. At present, the product inventory is still at a high level, and price reduction and inventory removal is also its primary task. It is predicted that the market price of polyester filament will fluctuate and weaken in the short term.

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