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2022-04-20 09:21:12
Cold rolled sheet: Grade: DC01; Specification: 1.0 * 1250 * C; Dealer Place of origin Place of delivery Price ZhongRong international trade (Shanghai)  Anshan steel Shanghai 5630RMB/ton Shanghai Jimin (Yuande) Industrial Benxi steel Shanghai 5660RMB/ton Shanghai Baoyuan Steel International Trade Benxi
2022-03-04 09:22:15 SunSirs
Price trend On March 3, the hot rolled coil market followed with the futures market. The average price of the national hot rolled coil market was
2022-03-02 10:10:28 SunSirs
Price trend On March 1, the domestic market continued to pick up. The average price of the national hot rolled coil market was 5,068 RMB/ton, an
2022-02-23 14:58:02 SunSirs
Price trend On February 22, the domestic hot rolled coil market fell slightly. The national average market price was 4,990 RMB/ton, down 0.08% from the previous
2021-07-06 14:30:01 SunSirs
Price trend Last week, the domestic cold rolled market prices fluctuated and the overall transaction was light. As of July 5, the mainstream price of 1.0mm
2020-05-27 14:45:33 SunSirs
After the stabilization of the decline in April, the domestic cold-rolled market finally ushered in a step-up trend in May. The increase in cold-rolling prices
2020-04-09 14:56:44 SunSirs
After a month of accelerating the resumption of production and production, the country's cold rolling market has not yet ushered in the spring of the
2020-03-24 11:19:35 SunSirs
Although all regions are pushing ahead with resumption of work and production, prices in the cold rolling market continue to fall. On the one hand,
2020-03-03 16:00:47 SunSirs
Affected by social and public events during the Spring Festival of 2020, the national cold rolled prices fell sharply. Although there was a brief rally
2020-02-03 15:39:54 SunSris
1. Supply and demand are balanced in January, prices are firm and steady Since 2020, the domestic cold-rolled sheet market price has basically remained high and
2019-12-28 16:28:28 SunSirs
Price trend of cold rolling in 2019 Compared with the sharp rise and fall in 2018, the fluctuation range of domestic cold rolled sheet prices in
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