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2020-02-07 10:57:26 SunSirs
On February 6, the soybean meal commodity index was 84.70, up 0.97 points from yesterday, down 39.45% from 139.88 (2012-Septmber-04), the highest point in the
2020-02-04 09:29:57 SunSirs
On February 3, the spot price of vegetable oil sector plunged. The average price of soybean oil market is 6420 RMB / ton, which is
2020-02-03 12:16:12 SunSIrs
In January, the price of palm oil staged a roller coaster market. After the big rise, it ushered in a big fall. The overall market
2020-01-15 14:11:23 SunSirs
Since January, palm oil prices have remained strong. On January 10, the Malaysian MPOB report was released. The report was rather bullish, and palm oil
2020-01-14 13:35:20 SunSirs
The palm oil commodity index on January 13 was 86.10, an increase of 1.29 points from yesterday, and a decrease of 23.72% from the highest
2020-01-09 11:26:39 SunSirs
Agriculture Industry: Outshine others (+ 24.6%) 2019 is a prosperous year for agricultural products, with high grain yields and yields reaching new highs. "Flying Pigs", "Rocket
2020-01-09 10:36:56 SunSirs
1. Price Trend The soybean oil commodity index on January 8 was 70.17, an increase of 0.92 points from yesterday. It is a 30.19% decrease from
2019-12-26 10:28:26 SunSirs
In 2019, the vegetable oil formed well in agricultural product sector. Driven by palm oil, soybean oil and rapeseed oil ushered in a surge. All
2019-12-18 11:07:18 SunSirs
1. Price Trend SunSirs News: Palm oil in 2019 can be described as a soaring year. Up to December 17, the average domestic palm oil price
2019-12-11 09:55:59 SunSirs
1. Price Trend On December 9, the palm oil commodity index was 76.39, with an increase at 2.99 points from yesterday. It is 32.33% lower
2019-11-28 10:46:39 SunSirs
1. Price Trend The Palm Oil Commodity Index is 70.41 on November 27, a decrease of 0.81 points from yesterday. It is 37.62% lower than
2019-11-22 09:46:26 SunSirs
1. Price Trend The palm oil commodity index on November 20 is 71.75, with an increase by 1.94 points from yesterday. It is 36.44% lower than
2019-11-13 15:11:58 SunSirs
On November 12, the palm oil commodity index was 70.99, up 1.64 points from yesterday, down 37.11% from the highest point 112.88 (2012-04-10), and up
2019-09-20 11:34:44 SunSirs
According to the monitoring of SunSirs: in September, palm oil ended its soaring market and gradually weakened. As of September 11, the average market price
2019-09-18 14:46:14 SunSirs
According to SunSirs monitoring: in September, palm oil experienced a short period of rest. After the Mid-Autumn Festival, boosted by the surge in crude oil,
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