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2022-04-12 13:30:36
Epoxy resin East China liquid resin 25000-25500 RMB/ton Barrel Factory dilemma The domestic epoxy resin market is in a dilemma, with large stability and small movement
2022-03-22 13:20:57
East China liquid epoxy resin 2600-26000 tons,falling. On March 21, the reference price of liquid epoxy resin in East China was 26000 yuan / ton, down
2021-08-23 14:28:55 SunSirs
Price trend After the domestic epoxy resin market stabilized for a period of time, it rose again this week, and low prices were hard to find.
2021-01-08 10:54:05 SunSirs
After the epoxy resin market ended its rise and then fell back, the market gradually stabilized. After the holiday, the epoxy resin was operating smoothly.
2020-08-11 14:46:18 SunSirs
The market price of liquid epoxy resin in East China is mainly stable and there are small fluctuations. The prices of raw materials bisphenol A
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