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Commodity News - SBR
  • SunSirs: China SBR Market went Up last Week

    2020-08-27 08:16:04 SunSirs

    According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, China domestic SBR market rose slightly last week (8.17-8.21), the price was 8,033 RMB/ ton at the beginning

  • SunSirs: China Domestic SBR Market Rose on August 19

    2020-08-20 10:14:24 SunSirs

    Commodity name: Styrene butadiene rubber 1502 Latest price (August 19): 8,141 RMB/ ton Analysis points: the market price of styrene butadiene rubber rose slightly. According to the

  • SunSirs: August Styrene-butadiene Rubber Market Declines Slightly

    2020-08-06 08:16:34 SunSirs

    Trend Analysis Commodity name: styrene-butadiene rubber The latest price (July 31): 8,083 RMB/ton Key points: The market price of China styrene-butadiene rubber is 8,083 RMB/ton, a slight decrease

  • SunSirs: Chinese SBR Market Rose Slightly Last Week (Jun. 8-12)

    2020-06-16 09:16:34 SunSirs

    According to SunSirs data monitoring, Chinese styrene-butadiene rubber prices rose slightly last week (6.8-6.12), with the price at the beginning of the week at 7,983

  • SunSirs: SBR Price Increased Slightly

    2020-04-09 21:21:30 SunSirs

    Product Name: Styrene-Butadiene Rubber 1502 Latest Price (on 8 April): 7,940 RMB/ton Analysis Points: Domestic SBR market offers go up. According to SunSirs, the current market price of Jishuhua, Fushun,

  • SunSirs: Styrene Butadiene Rubber Weakly Went Downward On March 31

    2020-04-01 14:47:23 SunSirs

    Product Name: styrene-butadiene rubber 1502 Latest Price (On March 31): 8,060 RMB / ton Analysis Points: Today (On March 31) domestic styrene butadiene rubber market, part of the traders reported

  • SunSirs: SBR Price Went Weak

    2020-03-26 09:14:12 SunSirs

    The domestic styrene butadiene rubber market in March fell sharply. The price at the beginning of the month was 9960 RMB/ton, and as of March

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