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SunSirs: Commodity Chemicals: The Price of Sodium Metabisulfite Keeps at A Low Level This Week (November 11-15)

November 18 2019 13:11:28     SunSirs (Daisy)

1. Price Trend

According to data from SunSirs, the price of domestic sodium metabisulfite continues to run at the bottom this week. The average price of industrial-grade sodium metabisulfite at the beginning of the week is 1,783.33 RMB/ton, and the average weekend price is 1,783.33 RMB/ton, with a change of 0%.

2. Market Analysis

Products: Entering November, the overall market of sodium pyrosulfate market is still sluggish. The industrial-grade sodium metabisulfite market price range is 1,700-1,900 RMB/ton. Most of the price is concentrated around 1,800 RMB/ton. The enterprise inventory is relatively sufficient. The market transaction atmosphere is generally fair with few new transactions settled down. The enterprises mainly complete the orders from their old customers (Note: The above prices refer to the external quotation of domestic mainstream enterprises. Some companies which do not report till now are not included. The price is for reference only, and has not guaranteed to do with the final price from manufacturer. For details, please contact the manufacturers for consultation).

Industry chain: In November, the price of soda ash and sulfur in the upstream fall again. The cost of raw materials falls again. Therefore, purchase and sale of traders become more cautious, and the market price of sodium pyrosulfite is slightly under pressure.

3. Market Forecasting

SunSirs’ analysts believe that the cost of raw materials has weakened again. Market demand has continued to weaken, and many bearish pressures will have suppressed the domestic market price of sodium metabisulfite in the short term.

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