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SunSirs: Supply and Demand Weakened due to Cost Pressure, China PA66 Market Callback in April

May 07 2021 09:47:50     SunSirs (Selena)

According to the data of SunSirs, the domestic market of PA66 fell from a high level in April, and the spot prices of various brands were generally reduced. As of April 30, the average offer price of PA66 medium viscosity injection molding sample enterprises was about 41,150 yuan / ton, a decrease of 4.08% compared with the average price at the beginning of the month, and a rise of 106.78% compared with the same period last year.

Upstream, domestic adipic acid prices fell from a high level and fluctuated downward. On the supply side, adipic acid inventory was under great pressure in April. As the market entered the off-season, the speed of goods delivery decreased significantly, so it is inevitable for enterprises to reduce the price and remove the inventory. The supply pressure increases, the demand is relatively weak, the price loses the support, and gradually goes down. According to the business news agency, adipic acid is still in the cycle of destocking, the price is easy to fall but difficult to rise, the pressure of enterprise shipping is increasing, and the downstream procurement is slowing down.

In April, PA66 fell in the whole month, and its own weak supply and demand was also one of the main factors to drag down the market. Due to the continuous high cost, the overall operating rate of domestic PA66 industry has stabilized to about half. At the same time, although the enterprise has no pressure on inventory, the profit margin is limited, and the production and shipment mainly meet the requirements of the early stage. Cost pressure, downstream purchasing cautious. In terms of trading, most of the goods are taken by small orders in the market, and the decrease of trading power causes price fluctuation to a certain extent.

SunSirs analysts believes: in April, the domestic PA66 market was still affected by the tight supply of raw materials, and the cost side pressure compressed the profit margin of polymerization enterprises. The atmosphere in the venue is cooling, and supply and demand are weak. Downstream take goods passive follow-up, to high price goods more serious resistance. It is expected that China PA66 market will continue to be stable in the short term.


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