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SunSirs: In April to Enter the Late Liquefied Gas Market "Sit on the Slide"

April 23 2021 09:43:04     SunSirs (HU)

Just into late April, the civil LPG market presented "slide" market, prices fell continuously. It is obvious from the trend chart that there is a big contrast with the rising market in early April. According to the SunSirs data monitoring, on April 18, the average price of liquefied gas for civil use in Shandong market was 4410.00 RMB/ton, and on April 21, the average price was 4143.33 RMB/ton, with a drop of 6.05% in just 3 days and a rise of 3.58% compared with April 1.

As of April 21, the mainstream prices of liquefied gas in various regions in China are as follows:


type of shipping


Mainstream price

Domestic gas


North China

4100-4250 RMB / ton

Domestic gas


East China

4150-4300 RMB / ton

Domestic gas


South China

4170-4350 RMB / ton

Domestic gas


Shandong Province

4120-4150 RMB / ton

Just into the second half of April, the Shandong market of liquefied petroleum gas began to decline continuously, which formed a marked contrast with the first ten days. Due to more favorable market factors in the first ten days, the market price of Shandong civil gas shows a continuous upward trend. But as the price has gone up, the downstream resistance to the increase, the enthusiasm for entering the market has been significantly weaker than earlier. Since the 15th, the market has stopped rising and returned to stability, but the international crude oil market has been fluctuating and falling recently, and the news is lack of support. And as the weather continues to stabilize, the market demand has weakened. The Domestic gas market is dominated by negative factors, and the firm market is no longer strong. After entering this week (the 19th), the price fell, and only three days later, the price fell by 200-300 RMB/ton. At present, the mainstream price of Shandong Domestic gas market is about 4120-4150 RMB/ton, and the market supply is basically stable. Looking at the futures market, the LPG futures market was mainly downgraded during the period, which brought limited benefits to the spot market. On April 21, the opening price of LPG futures contract 2106 was 3740, the highest was 3755, the lowest was 3686, the closing price was 3736, the former settlement price was 3756, the settlement price was 3718, down 20, down 0.53%, the trading volume was 68,525, the position amount was 45,067, and the daily increase position was 2158. (Quotation unit: RMB/ton)

In general, the current price of Shandong civil gas is at a relatively high level, but with the price reduction in recent days, the atmosphere of the downstream market has warmed up, the manufacturers' shipments are smooth, and most of the inventory is at a controllable level. On the 21st, the market decline has narrowed compared with the previous period. But the market bearish factors still exist, international crude oil is in a relatively weak, coupled with the weather temperature rise, the market demand is expected to weaken. It is expected that the price of Shandong civil gas market in the short term will stop falling and stabilize, and there is still the possibility of a decline in the long term.


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