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SunSirs: DMF Market Is in Weak and Stable Operation

April 21 2021 13:45:18     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to the data monitored by SunSirs, as of April 20, the average price of domestic premium DMF companies was 11,766.67 RMB/ton. The domestic DMF market price fell slightly. Traders were cautious and waited and watched. Compared with the former trading day, the price fell by 0.56%. In the short term, the DMF market will fluctuate within a narrow range.

Analysis review

Domestic DMF market is weak, transaction atmosphere is general, negotiation focus is weak, just need to purchase is main, individual manufacturers' supply is tight, logistics is smooth, shipment is normal, East China market reference price is 12,350-12,500 RMB/ton, South China market reference price is 12,600-12,700 RMB/ton, upstream methanol: Shandong Luzhong market negotiation rises to 2,370-2,390 RMB/ton, negotiation atmosphere is general, delivery is smooth.

Market outlook

SunSirs DMF analysts believe: it is expected that DMF will run weakly and stably in the short term, and the rising trend is not obvious.

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