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SunSirs: Under the Stimulation of Cost, the Price of Acetic Anhydride Reached a New High

April 16 2021 13:20:03     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, after a slight drop in the price of acetic anhydride in March, affected by the rise in the price of raw materials, the price of acetic anhydride soared in April, breaking the historical record of 10,000 RMB/ton. On April 15, the price of acetic anhydride was 10,300 RMB/ton, up 10.16% from 9,350.00 RMB/ton on April 1. The price of acetic anhydride exceeded 10,000 yuan, and some manufacturers offered as high as 11,000 RMB/ton.

Acetic acid price trend

As can be seen from the price trend chart of acetic acid, the price of acetic acid rose sharply in April, and the market of acetic acid rose. It is difficult to set the schedule for the start of Shunda acetic acid plant. The unexpected shutdown of BP acetic acid plant in Nanjing resulted in the decrease of acetic acid supply and the shortage of acetic acid, which stimulated the rise of acetic acid price. In April, the price of acetic acid soared all the way, and the raw material cost of acetic anhydride rose, which pushed the price of acetic anhydride up.

Acetic acid commodity index reached a new high

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the acetic acid commodity index on April 14 was 184.52, up 3.3 points from previous day, reaching a record high in the cycle, up 297.16% from the lowest point of 46.46 on February 21, 2016 (Note: cycle index since September 1, 2011). The price of acetic acid reached a record high, the cost of acetic anhydride rose, and the driving force of acetic anhydride rise increased.

Market summary and future forecast

SunSirs acetic anhydride data analysts believe that the price of acetic acid reached a record high, and the rising cost of acetic anhydride stimulated the price of acetic anhydride to reach a new high. Acetic acid market is difficult to change in the short term, the cost of acetic anhydride is still high, the pressure of acetic anhydride in the future is insufficient, and the rising power is strong. At the same time, due to the strong resistance of downstream customers to high price acetic anhydride, the rising space of acetic anhydride is limited. It is expected that the acetic anhydride market will stabilize after a small rise in the future.

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