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SunSirs:LPG Market Price Rise 'Non-Stop' In Early April

April 13 2021 16:14:49     SunSirs (HU)

Entered in April, liquefied gas civil market continuous upward, prices do not stop. It can be seen from the chart that the upward range is not obvious at the beginning of the month, and the upward trend is mainly stable. After the Qingming Festival holiday, Shandong civil gas market began to push up continuously, with a large range. According to the monitoring of SunSirs, On April 1, the average price of liquefied gas in Shandong civil market was 4000.00 RMB/ton, and on April 12, the average price was 4267.00 RMB/ton, rising by 6.7% during the period, 14.67% higher than that on March 1.

As of April 12, the mainstream prices of liquefied gas in various regions in China are as follows:


The mode of transportation


Mainstream quotation

Domestic gas


North China

4250-4350 RMB / ton

Domestic gas


East China

4150-4300 RMB / ton

Domestic gas


South China

4310-4420 RMB / ton

Domestic gas


Shandong Province

4200-4350 RMB / ton

At the beginning of April, the civil market of liquefied gas continued to rebound at the end of March, continuing to rise mainly. By the Tomb-sweeping Day small holiday positive factors, more downstream before the festival to replenish the market, manufacturers shipped good, mild market atmosphere, at the end of March the market began to stop falling rebound. Late with the end of the small holiday, the market price did not stop, but continue to rise, the rise is more obvious after the festival. Related products propane strong upward to bring good market is one of them. Downstream centralized replenishment after the festival, the market is relatively stable, manufacturers ship smoothly, basically no pressure inventory. Then there is the supply side. In April, the civil gas market entered the stage of centralized maintenance. Refineries have been overhauled one after another. With the decrease of market supply, the market has also been boosted to a certain extent. Finally, there is the international crude oil market. In April, the international crude oil fluctuated frequently and with a large range, but the overall rise also brought some support to the civil gas. Under multiple positive factors, the market price of Shandong civil gas has been rising one after another.

Looking at the futures market, the LPG futures market is mainly volatile during this period, which brings relatively limited benefits to the spot market. On April 12, liquefied petroleum gas futures contract 2105 opened price 3818, highest price 3921, lowest price 3760, close price 3899, former settlement price 3807, settlement price 3845, up 92, up 2.42%, trading volume 75594, position volume 18703, daily increase position -305. (Quotation unit: RMB/ton)

In the future market, the current civil gas market price has risen to a relatively high level. Taking Shandong market as an example, the mainstream price of the market has risen to about 4200-4350 yuan / ton. With the price rising, the downstream resistance increases, and more exit and wait-see is the main, and the market transaction atmosphere has been weakened compared with the previous period. International crude oil shocks mainly to the market to bring limited positive. Another negative factor is the expected weakening of demand as temperatures rise. But the current manufacturer inventory is at a controllable level, it is expected that the price of Shandong civil gas market in the short term is strong, and there is not much room for long-term growth.


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