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SunSirs: Chinese Domestic DDGS Continued to Run at a High Level in February

February 26 2021 09:45:56     SunSirs (Linda)

In February, China's domestic DDGS market continued to run at a high level. At the beginning of February, the market price of domestic DDGS was 2270 yuan/ton. On the 25th, the market price of domestic DDGS was 2750 yuan/ton, an increase of 0.74%, a 19.16% increase from the price in early January.

Poor terminal demand in February DDGS market runs smoothly

In February, affected by the Spring Festival holiday, the purchasing demand of terminal feed manufacturers declined, and the DDGS market continued to stabilize. During the Spring Festival, the alcohol plant started normally and there is no quotation. After the Spring Festival, the stock market for terminal feed plants ended and rigid demand declined. The price rise of raw corn is over, and the boost to DDGS is limited. In addition to the normal operation of the alcohol plant during the Spring Festival, the supply of domestic DDGS is loose, and the market is mainly stable.

On February 25, Ensign's DDGS in Shandong area was quoted at 2650 yuan/ton, the price remained the same; Dongfeng DDGS in Jilin area was quoted at 2850 yuan/ton, and the market was stable; Heyang alcohol DDGS in Henan area was quoted at 2760 yuan/ton, the price was higher than before the Spring Festival Increased by 40 yuan/ton.

SunSirsDDGS analysts believe that the demand for terminal feed in March is still in the off-season, and China's domestic DDGS market is under pressure.

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