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SunSirs: Raw Material Manufacturers Stopped for More Maintenance, and the Cost of Acetic Anhydride Rose

February 22 2021 13:40:11     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the market for acetic anhydride rose after the holiday, and the price of acetic anhydride rose again. As of February 20, the price of acetic anhydride was 8,633.33 RMB/ton, an increase of 2.78% from the price of acetic anhydride before the holiday (February 10) of 8,400.00 RMB/ton.

Price trend of acetic acid

From the acetic acid price chart, it can be seen that after the holiday, Hualu Hengsheng acetic acid equipment was shut down for maintenance, and the domestic acetic acid raw material supply was reduced; the Texas Celanese acetic acid manufacturer stopped due to the cold wave, and the external price of acetic acid rose sharply, which stimulated domestic acetic acid prices up. The supply of acetic acid has decreased and the price of external disks has risen sharply, which has stimulated the price of domestic acetic acid to rise sharply, and the cost of acetic anhydride has risen. In the future, the upward momentum of acetic anhydride will increase.

Market outlook

According to the acetic anhydride data analysts of SunSirs, around the Spring Festival, acetic acid companies started low, acetic acid companies stopped for more maintenance, domestic acetic acid supply was insufficient, and the price of acetic acid increased. In the external disk market, the Celanese acetic acid plant in Texas, USA, was shut down, and the price of the external disk rose sharply, stimulating the domestic price of acetic acid. The price of acetic acid has risen, and the cost of raw materials for acetic anhydride has risen. The acetic anhydride market is expected to rise, and the price of acetic anhydride will fluctuate and rise in the future.

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