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SunSirs: The Spot Was Tight, the Market Price of Phosphorus Yellow Increased This Week (January 8-15)

January 18 2021 13:16:49     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to bulk commodity data monitoring, the price of phosphorus yellow in Yunnan-Guizhou areas rose slightly this week. The average price of phosphorus yellow last Friday was 16,566.67 RMB/ton, and the average price of this Friday was 16,900 RMB/ton. The price increased by 2.01% within this week.

Analysis review

The overall trend of the domestic phosphorus yellow market this week was upwards, and the spot market was tight. Business owners mainly fulfilled pre-orders and firmed price operations. Traders mainly were waiting and seeing, and downstream purchased on demand, and replenished goods appropriately. As of the 15th, the mainstream quotation of Yunnan phosphorus yellow was around 17,000 RMB/ton; the mainstream quotation in Sichuan was around 16,900 RMB/ton; the mainstream quotation in Guizhou was around 16,800 RMB/ton.

In terms of raw materials, the domestic phosphate ore market was generally operating steadily. The downstream procurement was mainly cautious. The stocking tide has not appeared before the holiday and there were not many new orders. As of the 15th, Hubei area: 30% ammonium phosphate ore price was 380-390 RMB/ton; Guizhou area: 30% grade phosphate ore was quoted near 320-360 RMB/ton, and the price had been stable for the past week; 28% grade phosphate ore quoted refer to 280-320 RMB/ton, and the transaction price was slightly lower.

In terms of coke, under the current situation that new capacity has not yet been fully released, it is expected that the coke market will continue to operate strongly in the short term. The market outlook will focus on the start-up of downstream steel plants, the commissioning of new capacity and the changes in coke inventory in various links. As of January 13, the mainstream price of Liupanshui coke (secondary metallurgical coke) was 2,520 RMB/ton, which was temporarily stable from the previous trading day, and the price increased by 270 RMB/ton from the same period last month. As of January 15th, the two ports in Shandong still operated strongly. In terms of prices, the mainstream spot remittance price of port quasi-level metallurgical coke was around 2,880 RMB/ton, and the price of first-level coke was 2,980 RMB/ton. Inventories in the two ports fell on the 15th, and they were mainly sent to the southern region. The overall source of saleable goods at the ports was still insufficient.

Sales of phosphoric acid in various markets were normal this week, and the phosphoric acid market was cautiously wait-and-see, with no significant changes in prices for the time being. Phosphate was produced normally, most of which was for self-use, and some were sold. The actual transaction was mainly negotiated.

Market outlook

The Phosphorus yellow analyst of SunSirs believes that the market supply is reduced and the spot is tight. Phosphorus yellow companies are reluctant to sell and insist on high-priced operations. In the short term, the price of phosphorus yellow will still increase slightly.

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