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SunSirs: Hydrochloric Acid Prices in North China Rose This Week (November 9-13)

November 17 2020 13:13:44     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

As can be seen from the above figure, the comprehensive price of hydrochloric acid in North China increased this week, with the quotation rising from 307.50 RMB/ton at the beginning of the week to 310.00 RMB/ton at the weekend, an increase of 0.81%. On the whole, the hydrochloric acid market rose this week, and the hydrochloric acid commodity index on November 13 was 81.58.

Analysis review

From the manufacturers' quotations, the quotations of manufacturers in the hydrochloric acid market fell this week, and the overall market was average. Taiyuan Kunshengda hydrochloric acid quotation was 480 RMB/ton, the quotation was temporarily stable; Dezhou Shihua hydrochloric acid quotation was 650 RMB/ton, and the quotation was temporarily stable; Wenshui synthetic hydrochloric acid was quoted at 240 RMB/ton on the weekend, compared with the beginning of the week, the quotation was temporarily stable; Jinan Yuanfei hydrochloric acid quoted at 300 RMB/ton on weekends, compared with the beginning of the week, the quotation was temporarily stable; Dezhou Maihua hydrochloric acid quoted at 220 RMB/ton on weekends, which increased by 10 RMB/ton compared with the beginning of the week.

From the perspective of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of hydrochloric acid, the upstream liquid chlorine market was general, and the support for hydrochloric acid was weak, while the downstream silica market had a recent downward trend, and the market price of ammonium chloride was stable and rising, which had a positive impact on hydrochloric acid. The overall hydrochloric acid market seemed to have risen slightly this week, and difficulty in selling hydrochloric acid was still a major problem.

Market outlook

The upstream liquid chlorine market has been general recently, and the downstream silica and ammonium chloride market has improved slightly. SunSirs analysts believe that the hydrochloric acid market mainly rise slightly in the recent short term.

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