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SunSirs: The Demand Side is Positive, Boosting the Price of Chinese Cocoon Silk

October 23 2020 08:07:55     SunSirs (Linda)

According to SunSirs price monitoring, the domestic cocoon silk market has maintained an upward trend in the past 10 days. As of October 22, the average raw silk market price was 304,500 yuan/ton, an increase of 5.18% from the 12th and a decrease of 25.73% year-on-year. The average market price of dry cocoons was RMB 91,250/ton, an increase of 1.96% from the 12th and a decrease of 33.27% year-on-year. The current price of dry cocoon in Guangxi is 90,500 yuan/ton, and the price of raw silk is 319,000 yuan/ton. Mainly due to the 'Double 11' stocking, the expectation of extremely cold weather and other favorable demand boosts, which helped the promotion of the situation.

The fourth batch of autumn cocoons in Yizhou, Guangxi continues to be listed. According to some local cocoon stations, although the quality of the listed fresh cocoons is slightly poor due to the recent rainy weather, the overall purchase price still maintains a slight increase. It is understood that the current purchase price in Yizhou is around 44 yuan/kg, and the purchase price in Xincheng is around 41-42 yuan/kg. The autumn cocoon in Teyong Town, Jiangsu Province has entered the end of its listing. According to some local cocoon stations, the quality and quantity of silkworm cocoons have declined compared with the previous period due to the influence of weather conditions. Around kilograms.

Entering October, 'Silver October' seems extremely busy. In terms of foreign orders, Christmas and Thanksgiving are approaching, and some clusters of European and American orders begin to increase; in terms of domestic orders, the probability of a cold winter this year is greater, and as the 'Double 11' and 'Double 12' approach, companies began to stock up, domestic orders increased significantly, and production improved. According to China Textile City, as the temperature drops, orders for autumn and winter knitted fabrics have increased sharply. Among them, the demand for woven fabrics such as cold-proof leisure fabrics and home textile fabrics will continue to increase, and some imitation silk scarf surrounding fabrics will enter normal production. Knitting, sweater fleece fabrics are also in the current market Is very popular.

SunSirs analysts believe that in the recent preparations for the 'Double 11' and the increase in demand for fabrics in autumn and winter, the transfer of Indian orders, the expectation of extreme cold weather, and the increase in orders in the spring and summer of 2021, the overall textile market has started a wave of price increases and grabbing goods. tide. Affected by this, the cocoon silk market is on the rise, but it is worth noting that the current downstream demand has not fully recovered, the market demand has not really recovered, the cocoon silk is sold at an average speed, the market outlook is still not clear, and the foundation for forming a long-term upward trend .

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