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SunSirs: Domestic Ethanol Market Is Stable

October 11 2019 10:44:14     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, According to the monitoring data of business associations, as of October 10, the average price of ethanol in the domestic market was 5,400 RMB/ton, which fell 0.37% month-on-month and 3.76% year-on-year. Domestic ethanol market is mainly stable, and the prices are strong in some areas.


Analysis review

Product: The domestic ethanol market is stable and rising. The downstream atmosphere of the Shandong region is good, and the propensity of the wine companies is supported. The price of anhydrous ethanol in the big factories is rising. The supply in northern Jiangsu continues to be low, and driven by the surrounding rising trend, the focus of negotiations moves upward. The current market in central China is smooth, with some factories queuing to pick up goods, but Huaxing is starting today, the subsequent supply is expected to increase, and the momentum of continued increase is not strong. The purchase price of corn in the northeast region continues to fall, and the wine companies are cautiously watching the market.

Industry chain:

Corn: The new grain in the north is listed, the corn in the reserve is alternately out of the warehouse, the supply in the corn market is relatively sufficient, and the spot price in the northeast is further down. However, after the National Day holiday, some deep processing enterprises in some regions resumed production, and the recovery rate of the construction rate will help boost demand for corn. On the whole, the fundamentals are not warm, but considering the end of the auction and the inventory is at a low level, the potential profit will support the corn price.

Ethyl acetate: domestic ethyl acetate market atmosphere is general. The price of raw materials in some areas of acetic acid has been reduced, and the cost of raw materials has a certain negative impact. At present, the fundamental support of supply and demand in the market is general and shipments are still dominant in East China and North China. Affected by the abundant supply side, South China is declining. It is expected that the domestic ethyl acetate Market will be consolidated in the short term.


Market outlook

Ethanol analysts at SunSirs predict that the domestic ethanol market may be at high-level consolidation in the short term and it will be weak in the long run as supply increases.


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